Mission: To make flexibility & choice in work the norm 

Chris is helping to change the way the world works and supporting the emerging way of work. He partners with organisations to embrace a dynamic workforce and supports independent workers choosing to do things differently.


Chris has a unique perspective on work and life. Having never been permanently or traditionally employed, Chris shares his experience and insights on the alternative working options that are increasingly available. Chris speaks on the future of work, starting businesses and communication. 


Having successfully founded, launched and run several business, Chris enjoys working and collaborating to commercialise ideas and opportunities. He advises start-ups from concept to initiate, corporates on commercial opportunities and industry bodies on the shifts in the industry work dynamics. 


Chris balances his efforts across private and social organisations. He has sat in board roles and advisory capacities for a range of organisations. Chris is involved with for-profit and not-for-profits (or as he calls them; not-for-losses) across a range of industries.

People Strategy

Chris has worked on the workforce planning and HR management for some of Australia's largest employers. He partners with CEOs and executive teams to create a competitive advantage for their organisation through the establishment, maintenance and innovative management of their contingent (extended) workforce.

Companies, Boards & Causes

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